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 Do Google Reviews help with ranking and SEO?

Google reviews and SEO

Avis Local’s team

November 18, 2018

The short answer is yes, Google reviews help improve the organic ranking of a website and support all SEO efforts.

While many factors are involved in search rankings, online customer Reviews are a strong signal for search engines, which sees them as a sign of trust and authority.

At a time when Web competition is becoming harder for businesses, optimization and management of Google

Reviews is a way to differentiate your business and increase your visibility in search results.

Why are Reviews important for SEO? 
There are, in fact, some relatively simple explanations of why Google Reviews help rankings. 

Google trusts your customers more than it trusts you. 
OK, it’s a little exaggerated, but the fact is, that Google depends on signals to determine if a site deserves a good ranking or not.

Google likes to read. 
The more reading content you have, the more it will know about your business. When you use the customer Reviews for SEO, Google has much new content to read and many keywords to add to its understanding of your business.

More stars = more clicks. 
It has long been known that SEO rankings are influenced by click rates. If a high percentage of users choose your site from search results, Google assumes that you are doing something right and will reward your site with a higher ranking. Reviews can play an important role in clickthrough rates, especially if you generate reviews regularly.  


To help you collect customer Reviews on Google, we have developed a platform to facilitate this operation and thus propel your business listing to the top of the results. 

Avis Local provides you with an automated service that allows you to efficiently generate tons of Google Reviews. 

Avis Local also offers a Negative Reviews watch service as well as handling the answers to all the Reviews left by your customers.

In short, here is what to remember:

???? More stars = more clicks.

???? Google trusts your customers more than you

???? Getting Google’s review regularly improves SEO quickly








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