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Google reviews visibility VS Advertising

Google reviews VS advertising

Avis Local’s team

March 11 2019

Do you pay for AdWords, radio, newspaper, Facebook advertising? How much money do you spend per month/year on these advertisements?

Today, a large majority of service/retail businesses use online or traditional advertising. The primary purpose of advertising is, without doubt, to make oneself known, to have a better visibility in order to develop or retain customers.

All these advertising channels bring a better visibility, indeed, but after all the money invested, what do you have left? After spending thousands of dollars and your campaign ends, what will you have left? Nothing…

Fortunately, we have developed a new approach. In fact, it’s much more than just advertising.

By using Avis Local on a daily basis, you will benefit from the visibility by ranking yourself at the top of Google results. But it doesn’t stop there, tell yourself that each review will bring you traffic. Unlike traditional advertising, the reviews remain forever. They will definitely be linked to your business.

Get Google reviews from your satisfied customers is now the new advertisement of today, the new Word Of Mouth!

Google reviews predominate over the rest, they are the most visible on the web and bring you qualified leads.

As a business, you must adapt by reviewing your advertising placement. Yellow Pages in 2019 is outdated, radio and newspapers are not really suitable anymore and Facebook is very fashionable to strengthen your image but no one is looking for a company when the time comes…

Tip: Replace an ad expense with an investment with Avis Local, you will only see gains for your business. Many of our customers have revised their advertising budget downward due to increased traffic on their Google listing obtained through reviews.

In summary: choosing Avis Local as a way of advertising, is to ensure a good ranking. In addition, the reviews belong to you and ensure that you will significantly improve your visibility on the net so more potential customers.
Avis Local is not an expense but an investment. Don’t forget, every review collected will be online forever and become an engine for your business

In summary: Why choose Avis Local as a way of advertising?

➕ Avis Local allows you to generate feedback from your satisfied customers

???? Get reviews via Avis Local ensures good positioning

???? Avis Local is an investment and not an expense

↗️ Each review collected will be online forever and become a driving force for your business





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